I think it's important for me to clarify my motivations:

I describe myself as a lapsed imperisist because I trust evidence more than I do faith, but do not insist that all my evidence is perceived first hand. However for all intents and purposes I consider myself an atheist.

I have come to the conclusion that atheism is the rational and productive position to take on most metaphysical matters - be it the existence of the judeo-christian god, the collected deities of hinduism, or the nature spirits of wicca.

I get my morality from two sources, instinctually from my own distain for certain acts (violence, cruelty, etc) and intellectually from enlightened self interest as it is represented in the general doctrines of humanism. I practice the "golden rule" and have a sufficient understanding of history to know that it predates all the current major religions that claim it as their own.

I share my thoughts, interpretations and values on this blog because I feel that humanity is reaching a level of social maturity where religion as a social force has moved from useful to actively retarding our development.

Belief in the absence of evidence is a definition for faith but belief contradicted by evidence is the definition of delusion... There is no such thing as a harmless delusion.

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